About My CorporateCare

My CorporateCare is a trusted platform that connects donors with registered Welfare-Related Organizations in Malaysia.

The Welfare-Related Organizations listed on our website is a legal, genuine and trusted organizations which is monitored by Department of Social Welfare.

As a portal which provides database and information about both beneficiaries and donors, we encourage members of corporate sector to communicate and register online with us.

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How It Works

If you are a Donor:
  1. Register as a user (free registration).
  2. Login into system.
  3. See the List of Needs.
  4. Choose a need that you want to donate. Click Add donation button.
  5. Send donation for approval.
  6. Check status of donation.

If you are an NGO:
  1. Get a User ID from JKM. (Only registered NGO can login).
  2. Login into system.
  3. Add Needs as necessary.
  4. Send needs application for approval.
  5. Check status of needs.

For individu who wants to donate please contact JKM officer.